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My blog is all about motorcycles and updates of all the chaos happening in the bike world. Besides, I love writing. Resultantly, the combination of love for two wheels and writing makes me scribble down everything I think about this sector and the daily events going on in the same. Frankly, I research the stuff whatever I write and mould it into my words to make it my personal story.

Over the past few months, I have been blankly writing about my favourite topic here regardless of how many readers and like I acquire. And whoever comes down here and reads my crap, I am truly thankful to them. It makes me think that at least there are two or three people, except me. who read what I think. In that case, you people are something I should treasure and the counting does not matter at all.

Coming to the real world and practicality, this is not what I could have continued my whole life. Indeed I am a type of person who doesn’t prefer to put hobbies on the sidelines. Instead, I nourish them and try to make out something good of it. And with that intention, gathering all my enthusiasm, I took this effort of starting a full fledged motorcycle website christened as Here, I write down all the motorcycle news, scoop, launches, technical blogs and anything related to this niche. However, I don’t it there the way I would do here. Now it’s all close to flawless such as the trueness of the report, proper images and the sensible format of presenting the information.

I don’t know and don’t even care whether you all feel I am capable enough to take this step but if anyone of you thinks I am, I truly appreciate you and will try to walk on the same lines. Those who don’t think I should have done this, I can assure you that one day I’ll change your opinion.

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Malshej Hills: A Peaceful Excursion Outside Chaotic Mumbai City

Malshej Ghat is a place well-known to many who are fond of hills and mountains, especially people living in Mumbai and around it. A paradise covered by lush green blanket touching the ceiling of white clouds, Malshej Ghat is a location which is a treat to drive or ride around thanks to the numerous twisties and hairpins paving their way through sky-touching rocky and green peaks. While escaping out of Mumbai through Kalyan, one has to take the route to Murbad, crossing which you start getting the slight glimpse of the curvy and peaky Malshej hills. Moving towards it you’ll sense that the excitement keeps on increasing as you start getting a clearer view of mountains which end into sharp rock cliffs on the top. However, you need to store your excitement for longer as there’s always a lot to come as you keep on heading towards it.


Once you reach the bottom of the hills and start ascending, you come across various tea stalls and canteens which serve hot tea along with a variety of Indian snacks. It’s up to you whether you want to try them and warm yourself up for what’s coming your way or you want to directly indulge into one of the most beautiful parts of mother nature. Moving ahead, you are welcomed with sweeping turns which feels more like a roller coaster to ride or drive on if you have the proper skills. The road along the Malshej hill is a clean piece of tarmac with the lowest number of potholes to distract you from making the full out of drive this gorgeous location. However, you still need to be careful as a few turns may surprise you with the sudden arrival of deep patches which emerge during the monsoon.

Apology! I didn’t share the best view which you are treated with way before starting to climb the mountain. Let me take you back to where the hills just start being visible and there, you will see numerous waterfalls on almost every corner and every valley across the hills, those which will be present only if you are lucky enough to visit here during monsoon. Now, let’s get back to where we left. While you start going up the mountain, the forest around you starts getting denser which only enhances the thrill further. An experienced driver or rider can make you have a lot of fun as the sharp turns are overly joyous if you pass through them speeding. However, a certain limit of speed would be safe.

Now, while you have reached to a considerable height, few hundred feets above the sea level, you will start coming across puny waterfalls which flow down so close that they touch one side of the road. Visitors prefer to stop by these waterfalls to have fun with the hefty stream of pure mountain water. Heading ahead, you’ll be greeted by several such waterfalls. one or two of which directly fall in the middle of the road giving your car the free washing treatment. We recommend you to close the windows to avoid the water entering your car, the extra internal cleaning expenses may be annoying otherwise. If you are on a two-wheeler, enjoy the bath!


Two or three spots over the Malshej hill are so mesmerizing that you cannot refrain yourself from stopping by them. After ascending a few kilometers, there’s a turn which is extremely sharp, and people have settled a temple at one corner of it which has a rocky roof above which looks as if it has frozen seconds before falling over the temple. Besides, a tiny snack stall is located where the owner serves smocking hot wadapav (bun and fried potato balls). Quite often, you will see various cars being parked at this spot with the visitors enjoying the food and taking in the scenic view of the mountains and deep valleys.

Advance a  few meters ahead, and there’s a tiny hut which is right on the edge of the road behind which there’s a deep valley. This point is also alluring and you cannot move further without spending a few minutes at this place. Now, just like you have a beautiful view of this place while moving towards it, same will it be while escaping away from it. There are various such locations on the outskirts of Mumbai. However, as many I have come across, Malshej Ghat remains the best location in my list.




It’s tough to be a Journalist for a small town boy

Mistakes, mistakes and mistakes. This becomes a major part of your life when you start the pursuit of becoming a journalist. However, there lies a major difference between the number of mistakes a person does who has been born and brought up in a metro city and the one who hails from a small town. And in many cases, the latter gets extremely frustrated after a certain time span. So frustrated that the only option left is to change the profession.

I am not demotivated or lack courage, but this is a concrete fact which becomes a major part of every person who is struggling with this. Okay, let me be very clear. Journalism involves various duties and in this context, I am focussing on the writing part. You go out, hustle, gather the information. And then, then comes writing, which is, for some out there, is the biggest challenge. So big that it seems as hard as climbing the mount Everest.

People often suggest the novice writer to read, read and read a lot. And when you do so, the flow of writing starts to be seen. However, the story doesn’t end there. You need to be factually hundred percent correct. And when that is also achieved, is the job done? Not yet! Now you got to improve your vocab. Seriously, this is an unending process and there are a huge bunch of people for whom this is like burning cigarette. But for the person mentioned in the title of this article, the cigarette takes years to get lit.

Many times, when you realise that you aren’t fit for this job and need to change, it’s already too late. I mean it feels so stupid changing your profession after spending 2 or 4 years in a job. Then what, people end up doing for the whole life with the same struggle. But I think it doesn’t remain a struggle for the whole life but for the initial days, it is. You might say that every profession is tough in the initial days. In that case, I must tell you, if English isn’t your native language, it takes years to excel in it. And without being an expert in it, you just can’t survive in this territory.



Hero MotoCorp’s Seven Models Withdrawn From List

Among the seven, some may shock you owing to their popularity.


Hero MotoCorp has been one of the best seller of 2-wheelers in India since years. The frugality, reliability and low cost nature of its motorcycles attracted huge number of buyers for decades but, days are not always the same. Time changes and so does the motorcycle industry. Getting striked by this change, Hero has taken the bold step of discontinuing seven of its motorcycles which included a few most liked ones in the past.

The motorcycles which fell in this list are the Passion X Pro, Passion Pro TR, Ignitor, Glamour, Hunk, Karizma R and Karizma ZMR. Yes! You read that right. Even the Karizma siblings have been on the sidelines, maybe for future development. The Karizma twins have been highly admired for being one of the very few versatile performance bikes in India. But, for a few months now, buyers have started turning their heads off the Karizma R and ZMR at the dealerships.

The 125cc Glamour and Ignitor have also failed to show their mettle in the commuter segment. Talking about the Hunk, I personally love the motorcycle. Its bulbous dimensions look preety attractive to the eyes and the motor never disappoints you as well. However, being deprived from the crucial updates has made it to be considered in the discontinuation list. As for the entry-level commuter, buyers still have the option of the Passion Pro i3S which is intensively fuel-efficient and technologically smart.

Somewhere behind this decesion of Hero, the activation of BS IV emission norm is also involved and the company may not be able to handle the manufacturing cost of these mdels while upgrading the older bikes with costlier BS IV engines at the same time.


Triumph To Build Moto2 Bike Engines From 2019

Triumph will take the place of Honda from 2019 and the engine of the Moto2 bikes will be based upon the Street Triple RS.


The coming years might be extremely tied up for the British motorcycle manufacturing company, Triumph since they have been handed over a new work profile. Highly expected from 2019, the company will be the major supplier of engines for the Moto2 Race bikes, a racing series involved in MotoGP. Currently, the Japanese brand Honda is looking after all the duties regarding the engines but, in the offing, Triumph is pulling up its socks to get down into the business.

The company will be catering, in total, to 34 teams which participate in filling the race track of Moto2 Racing Championship. In all, 150 motorcycles competing on behalf of the teams will be fitted with the engines of Triumph. ExternPro, the company which is responsible for supplying and maintaining race bikes engines for the championship, will be mediocre and will receive the final assembly of engines from Triumph.

Regarding the technical specs of the engines, the unit will be completely based on the Triumphs newly launched Street Triple RS. However, necessary alterations will be implemented to suit its racing character. The power figures imposed on the stock bike of 121 BHP and 56 Nm has been lifted up to 131 BHP and 59 Nm. It is rev-happier and fuel injection is increased to make it go quicker. It will also carry FCC slipper clutch, race kit alternator for inertia reduction and new alternator cover. Various other bits will also be race-specifically tweaked for providing the vital flexibility to make changes as per racer’s demands.

Manufacturing facilities of Triumph at the UK and Thailand will together handle the building process of the engines. Both have their share of duties of manufacturing several parts of engine distributed in them. Testing of the engines are yet to commence but the company is all set to provide the designers with the dimensions of the unit for them to start the making of chassis and other shrouds of the race bikes.

We already love the triple-cylinder mills of the triumph for their energetic and reliable performance and seeing them doing the job in MotoGP, from 2019, will be a treat for racing and Triumph fanatics.


Royal Enfield Bikes To Receive Higher Displacement Engine

The Continental GT and Himalayan are confirmed to be available as high capacity models, other prospect bikes are not specified yet.

Power delivery is the factor which keeps away many from buying a Royal Enfield motorcycle even if they love them. The elegant classic design and the screaming motor is not able to accelerate as much as today’s high-tech offerings plying out on road. However, these days might become a history as a company official reported that some of the Royal Enfield bikes will be getting a high capacity motor in coming days.

The highest cc engine which is available in the fleet of RE bikes is 535cc which is strapped on the Continental GT. Now, the company CEO said in a Q&A session that the displacement might go up to 750cc and not more than that. The decided limit for the capacity is due to the demand lying in this category only, as reported by the CEO.

Rewinding some time back we remember that a higher capacity RE Cafe Racer based on the Continental GT was spied while being on testing rounds in Spain. Looking at the readiness of the bike it was evident that it won’t take too long to drop down at dealerships. Apart from the cafe racer, the all-terrain Royal Enfield Himalayan is also confirmed to receive a higher displacement motor which might further increase its ecstasy within the enthusiasts.

The official revelation from the company about this clearly signals that the bigger RE bikes are on their way and, perhaps, might be unveiled at the EICMA 2017 to be held in October. If that happens, India should receive them on its ground at the 2018 Auto Expo.


India To UK On KTM Duke 390. Rohit Did It In 90 Days Covering 25,000 Km!!

The journey costed Rs. 8.5 lakhs which was his 10 years of savings.


How long can I ride at once or what is the longest distance I have covered on a ride till now? These are the most inevitable questions that would pop up in your mind after knowing what Rohith Upadhyay did. A software engineer from Madhya Pradesh Region, Rohith rode all the way from India to the UK astride his Duke 390. And, as obvious, the ride wasn’t an easy one as Rohit had to face a lot of predicaments while on this exhilarating ride.


The 25,000 km distance which the rider covered is not the only thing which is interesting, rather there’s a list of uncommon factors which the bike fanatic has shared about the journey. The surprisingly long trip costed him an eye watering price as well since it demanded Rohit to shell out Rs. 8.5 lakhs. This might not be a big amount for grand wealthy people out there but for a middle-class corporate employee, it takes a lot of guts to spend years of savings on such trips. The 32-year old Rohit, who belongs to Bhadutola town of Madhya Pradesh, was saving his precious earnings since last 10 years for such an international bike riding fun.

Initially, when he set off, he had to take the Seaway up to Iran where he took his motorcycle off the ship at the Bandar Abbas. Then, the moment his bike’s tyres landed over the ground, he was unstoppable till the Isle of Man, UK. Along the way, several beautiful places were served before Rohit to embrace which included Albania, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Netherland, Belgium, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and finally the Isle of Man, England.

Waiting for the rider were many obstacles along the journey which included non-operating stator of the battery for many days and several wires catching fire due to the cirgarette lighter which he had installed on his bike. He manipulated all these situations bravely and kept on heading towards his targeted destination.


Many of you must be wondering what about his job? Fortunately, his humble boss granted him the unpaid leave for the trip which took not less than 90 days to complete. Basically, Rohit wanted to be on a 6 month trip from India to New Zealand which would have demended him to quit his job. However, destiny didn’t wanted him to do this right now and may be he might achieve the endeavour of visiting New Zealand after a while.

With its robustness and reliability, KTM Duke 390 proved a great saddle to be on and covering a 90 day trip is not an easy task for a motorcycle. Rohith’s first bike was an old Bajaj Pulsar 150 which he had bought in Pune after acquisition of his first job. From there, the love for motorcycles went on and he is continuing with the Duke 390. His favourite motorcycle is the Africa Twin, and in India, he thinks his motorcycle is the best in all aspects.

Rohith could be an inspiration for many people who get ravelled with their jobs and daily chores and are unable to take out time for living their dreams. I don’t want to sound impractical, but we must go ahead with our aspirations without thinking too much, atleast for the ones which are feasible at the moment.


Rohit Upadhyay shared his story of ride from India to the UK in an interview with Motorbeam.