Its has been around four months that I have migrated to Mumbai and switched the jobs thrice.Every new place has so much on offer for us to get accepted. From people to place, from desk to door, everything changes and suddenly we are supposed to accept and get familiar to all the routine of the new office.

With a desire  to become an automobile journo, I arrived in Mumbai to get joined in an automobile publication where I was offered an internship. Though these publications do not allow walk-ins of some random individual claiming to have an unusual enthusiasm for cars and bikes, i got the golden chance through one of my elder brothers close buddy, who himself was a top editor of Indias best automobile publication.

I dont have any intention to relate myself to the masses but, it happened with me most often that i had a thought that i am excellent at something and when i jump into a real battle ground, i come to know where I actually stand. Similarly, I used to think and brag of my knowledge of automobiles before i met these genuine professionals.  These guys carried and extraordinary lust for cars and bike with an unbelievable stream of knowledge. You ask them the BHP or torque of a car, and they wont require spat out the informative figures.There, i had my eyes opened with the clear vision of what will it take me to reach there.



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