Everyone of us discovers a passion within ourselves since childhood. Some may have it changing according to their mood or conditions. and some carry it for their lifetime and if they are fortunate enough then the same passion gets converted into profession. To such lucky and dedicated bugs, A big salute from my side.

Let me get done with praising people and come to the point. I have recently discovered a new passion in me, writing. I have started to love writing. May it be an internship in a publication or writing social media posts for a company, i have done it all since last three months. Learned a lot from these places. Specifically, got the basic flow of writing and reduced grammatical errors, though you would find some in this post.

I major reason I am writing this post is, All the bloggers out there, please help me in publishing my blog. What I am asking you is to help me with the keywords and SEO. How to get my blogs searched by the audience. I have posted around three blogs since i have made my account on wordpress but have only got 2 views yet. That is something to laugh on. But, if you have done laughing please provide me with the tips regarding blog posting.


2 thoughts on “Help for Blogging

  1. I just started a blog as well, please please please let me know if you learn any tips. I found yours by searching tags I care about In WordPress. Intuitively, I think one thing you can do is interact with other bloggers (like I am now). Blogging is about building online communities:) Be interested in others and they will in turn be interested in you!

    Follow me if you like my writing, and good luck!

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