I don’t know how to start with this. Inside, i have hundreds of questions regarding this which aren’t ready to be answered by anyone. It is sort of a treasure you have been hunting for all your days and nights but didn’t find even a single clue to head towards it. By the title of the topic, you would have surely got an idea what I am talking about.

Believe me, trying to be a good writer is not an easy bid to achieve. Its very hard, I am telling you, very very hard. I might be an exception from many of you who have already become a good writer and did not faced too much of hurdles along the journey. But, the story is way different in my side. Climbing a treacherous mountain would be something I could execute with a little struggle. And, writing an impressive article is a huge struggle. Here, I am ought to inform you that the difference between the words Little and Huge in the prior sentence is like sky and earth for me.

Lets start with the first aspect which gives a start to a good writer. And the thing is, Thought. The first element that is needed to take rise in a writers mind to jot it down are thoughts. With a creative and clear flood of thoughts in a writers mind comes a great article. But, what if an individual is lacking of a bunch of thoughts. I must tell you, the person literally starts to scratch head and pull the hairs. Sitting idle and craving for ideas to write down does not epitomises a great writer. Instead, the speed of writing shall get behind the pace of thoughts. You would have got an idea up till now that I am not one of that kind.

The second quality that is vital for a writer to posses is being a word smith. A good vocabulary is all it takes to write seductively and make the piece something to be interested in. A dictionary in mind is a prominent attire that all writers carry. Well, i am absolutely not one of that kind. Actually i get stuck in between a normal conversation with mates because of not getting a perfect word to express something. And, while writing, just forget it. I have got so tired of consistently picking up the dictionary for a meaning that i have stopped doing it. However, i use the digital dictionary in cell phone to hunt a meaning of a word.

The main point behind writing this piece must be clear to you know. I am facing a trail of severe problems on this path.


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