Owing to the excess pollution increase, technology was undoubtedly supposed to evolve the means by which the engines of the cars get the energy to roll. One of such means or type of sources responsible for the cars to run is the ‘Hybrid’ technology. Well, a lot of people get confused between Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid vehicles. Clearing your doubt I must inform that both of them are quite different.

Where electric cars use only electricity to power the motor of the engine, Hybrid cars are the combination of Petrol or Diesel and electrical energy. Yes, you read that right. Well, it is a concerted process in which both the forms of energy work in synergy to power the engine of a vehicle. Hybrid can be briefly divided into two categories depending on the technique of propulsion.

1. Conventional Hybrids: In this type, both the forms of energies either work together or only the electrical motors make the wheels roll. While being at low speeds, only the electric motor is responsible for making the car run. As rhe pace goes up, the electric motor and petrol engine both are involved in the driving movement. A huge well known brands use this type of set up under the hood for their cars for the engine roll.

2. Plug-in Hybrids: You would have got the hint from the name about the type of vehicles these would be. These type of cars are needed to be connected to an electrical outlet with their batteries to charge them, also, they get charged while being in movement. The distance they cover after being fully charged depends on the size of the battery by which the cars are powered.



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