We have been getting reports of the new version of the mini sports bike, the Yamaha R15, for a long time. The V3.0 is expected to get desirable changes, both cosmetically and on the engine front. Recently, it has been spotted in a video while on the test ride carrying the gleaming LED headlamps. Moreover, it incorporates the all-digital instrument console as well.

The Yamaha R15 V3.0 has apparently been greeted with many tweaks such as the sharp headlamp design split into usual two units with a nicely designed air intake in between. It won’t miss out on the highly essential all-digital instrument console with some added indicators into it. Many other elements resemble the bigger sibling, the R3. It straps a new fairing with revised tail lamps and a chrome accented exhaust unit. Also, the footpegs have been replaced with a new one.

What could be a surprise for many is the USD forks witnessed on the front wheels of the spotted mule which is uncertain to be retained on the Indian version. As the motorcycles sold in India are taken care of the price to be as low as possible, the USD fork will be a hurdle in this aspect.

The engine capacity of the new version of the Yamaha R15 will be upgraded with a slightly heavier mill consisting of a 155cc unit. Reports also suggest that a new technology will be incorporated into the engine to make the throttle response sharper and to make it feel more refined. All the aforementioned updates will bring along a price hike which couldn’t be exactly guessed right now. The launch is expected by around July 2017.



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