Fiat India has curtailed the prices of its offerings the Linea and Punto EVO. Meanwhile, all the rival brands are making the prices of their vehicles go north. It could prove a great move by the Italian brand to make its footstep more strong in the Indian market which is not very desirable as of now.

Curtailment in the price of the Linea is by 7.3 percent and the Punto EVO’s prices have been slashed by 7 percent. As the Maruti Ciaz is the leading rival in the segment of the Linea, the latter is now cheaper to that of the price of former but both of them lack a few features as compared to the other. The Ciaz offers rear parking sensor and, the infotainment system consists of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which the Linea misses out. On contrary, the Linea comes with rain-sensing wipers and cruise control which are not present on the Maruti Ciaz.

In the previous year, the company held customer outreach camps in various places across India which will be continued this year as well. Additionally, Fiat will this year conduct five mega service camps at all the dealerships in our country. To boost the consumer interest in the brand, Fiat has also introduced the concept of Destination stores which, along with Fiat cars, has Jeep and Abarth offerings as well on display.

Hopefully, all these efforts of Fiat will bring along more customers at its dealerships with improved sales figures in 2017.



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