KTM RC 200 and 390 new versions have received mechanical updates with the cosmetic tweaks


We all have been waiting for the arrival of new versions of the KTM RC 390 and RC 200 for a long time. Over the last few months many images if the updated RC variants have been flowing over the internet. Finally, the launching of it has been confirmed by the company officials and it has been slated for 19th January 2017.

Yes! They are arriving after just a few days. So, if you had plans of buying one or updating your older KTM RC with an upgraded mule, the time has come to rush to the dealerships.

The already stunning looking appearance of the KTM RC siblings has been lifted a step upward by a new set of graphics on the fairing and a new tank colour. The underbelly exhaust has been replaced by the swept cannister. Apart from cosmetic changes, both of them have been greeted with mechanical updates as well.

Putting some lights on the mechanical updates which the Austrian siblings have received, the KTM RC 390 has gained more weight of 4.5 kgs and the kerb weight has now been lifted to 163.5 kg. This weight addition could dwindle the power-to-weight ratio but, guess what! The torque has been raised by 1 Nm which might prove desirable. Also, the front disc has been increased and it now measures 320mm. The same change has been executed on the RC 200 which has received front disc size increment by 200mm.


Source – AutocarIndia.com


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