With being a brake light, it will also inform the emergency services after crash


Did you ever felt the need of a brake light at the back of your helmet while riding? If Yes, then you are ready to get what you have desired and Cosmo Connected will accomplish it now.

Unveiled at the CES 2017, it is the world’s first ever connected brake light for motorcycle riders, as stated by Cosmo Connected. It could be stuck at the back of every size and shape of the helmet and will automatically blink by detecting the decelerating speed of the motorcycle. Moreover, it has a fascinating feature of alerting the emergency services after detecting a crash provided that the helmet must have felt the impact of the crash.

Consisting of 12 LEDs, the connecting brake can be connected to a mobile app to make it blink and act at the time of emergency. It has an in-built accelerometer to detect the speed of the motorcycle.

The company says that it is not just a connecting brake light but it is also a life-saving device. The device will go on sale in May 2017.


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