The Ridge gets charged within 1 to 2 hours and has a top speed of 55kmph.


Okinawa has launched the Ridge Electric scooter which is all set to knock down the competitors in every aspect. Be it the price tag, charging time or top speed, the ridge stands with widened chest to be on top of the list. Looking at the history of electric scooters, the results has not been very positive as per the sales chart is confirmed.

At the price of Rs 43,702, the Ridge gives the top speed of 55 kmph which is pleasingly acceptable from an electric scooter. Also, the charging time won’t make you wait for too long as it is just 1-2 hours. Apart from these, it comes with multiple riding modes as Eco and Sport which probably varies the speed thereby varying the battery consumption. Information is displayed on a digital instrument cluster and it gets remote alarm system as well.

Bumps will be soaked by telescopic front forks and double shocks at the rear. For storage, which is one of the top concerns while buying a scooter, it incorporates a lockable glove box, decently spaced under seat storage and a large box at the rear which is available as an accessory.


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