Among the most outstanding 100 motorcycles of India, these two bikes- Suzuki Hayabusa Transformer and Triumph Tiger Explorer set their special spots in the queue.

The xBhp road testers and editors are out on an expedition to hunt and explore the 100 most fascinating motorcycles plying on Indian roads. During their endeavour to find out some unique machines, they came across these two amazingly crafted and built bikes, the after-market customised Transformer Hayabusas and the Triumph Tiger Explorer XC.

The Bumblebee and Magnetron- The Transformer Hayabusa twins are modified by an American Customising company providing a set of extended swing arms and 330 mm wide humongous rear tyres which make for something to amaze the viewers. Sharp turns may be a tedious job for these bikes, the journalists have ridden it and have expressed a great riding pleasure, though. Other than the swingarm and meaty rear tyres, there are a few minute additions too to make it a party piece between a bunch of riders.

The triumph Tiger Explorer is the next big thing in the list of 100 most iconic Indian bikes. With a plenty of power and torque for off-roading and tarmac, the Tiger has all the appealing elements besides the touring practicality needed for mile munchers. According to the reporters in the video, it is bulky and menacing looking but the handling goes like sliding on butter and that goes for on-road and off-road both. Safety features are ample to keep you safe on your adventure with traction control nd ABS.

Despite being motorcycles of different segments, the Hayabusa and Tiger carry a massive respect among the riders worldwide. After all, they are worth the attention.





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