After receiving great consumer interest in its bikes, the company has inaugurated 24 more dealerships across India.

What could be better for a manufacturer than selling its 711 units in a country which is not the brand’s native place? Benelli did this by delivering aforementioned units of motorcycles in the month from October to December of 2016. While other manufacturers were facing the crises due to demonetization, Benelli was receiving bookings of its entry-level and mid-range naked bikes.

Distributing the sales month wise, in October, 337 units were sold by Benelli followed by 193 in November and 181 in the month of December. Well, looking at the graph, I guess the absence of demonetization could have shown the brand even higher sales figure, more than the present one.

The success of Benelli in India made the company pull their capabilities further and enhance the dealership reach across the country opening showrooms at 24 more destinations by the end of the year. Some of the prominent openings were at Goa, Siliguri, Chennai, Vadodara and Worli (Mumbai).

As per the company’s chairman of India, the brand seeks to deliver the best at a competitive price and the desirable response of Indian customer made them increase their customer reach across the nation.

DSK Benelli, having a decent range of offerings, might perform much better in the near future.



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