Honda has got new engine sketches patented signalling towards their plans of building a supercharged engine for future motorcycles.


After the Ninja H2R setting record of being ridden at 400kmph speed, many other bike makers would have set their eyes on building a motor to break the record of Kawasaki. Though the target given by the big Ninja is not a child’s play to achieve, Honda might give it a try which has been evident by the patent sketches of a motorcycle powertrain, which allegedly is a supercharged mill.

The supercharged engine is majorly responsible for pulling the Ninja H2R to that insane pace and wearing the crown of the fastest production hyper bike ever made. Honda’s patent sketches of the powertrain, which is highly expected to be supercharged, would possibly be carried by a middleweight or a litre-class sports bike in the coming years.

For those who don’t know what a supercharged engine is, it is basically an air compressor which burns more fuel and exhales more air pressure for the motor as compared to conventional engine specifications. On every cycle of the motor, more oxygen is provided to the engine which quickens the motor rotation resulting in a higher amount of horsepower delivery.

At the Tokyo Motor Show this year, Honda might give us a brief idea about their plans for generating such type of engines. In the urge heading a step further, the company might introduce more than one such motorcycle with varied engine capacities.


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