The rally will be held in Goa from 16 to 18 February and a number of additional events are awaiting for the enthusiasts in the line-up.


This will be the fifth edition of HOG (Harley-Davidson Owners Group) rally which will be held in Goa starting from 16 Feb to 18 Feb 2017. Harley owners from all over India will be taking part in this iconic event and the organisers are expecting a huge number of entries this year.Apart from riding on the most exciting roads across Goa, the event will incorporate a number of extra curriculum delights as well.

Present at the event will be the comedy-rock band Vir Das’ Alien Chutney, a custom motorcycle zone and various food stalls for the food lovers to enjoy a great feast along with meeting new riders. The company expects around 3000 riders to arrive in the rally and that would actually happen as the number of Harley buyers have increased since the last few years.

Riding in the rally and enjoying the events won’t be the only part of HOG rally as a customising competition will be held as well. In this competition, all the owners of modified Harley-Davidson motorcycles will showcase their rides and the one with most stunning mule will get a chance to visit the 77th Annual 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in USA with all the expenses to be handled by the company. Additionally, the “big five” patch will be given to 30 members of HOG group who have participated in all the HOG rallies held all over the country. Also, 8 members of the HOG club will be awarded the “triple five” badge, who individually on their Harleys, have travelled more than 1 lakh km across India.

Officials of Harley-Davidson India are looking forward to the rally to be a successful and huge one as every year.


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