Yes, you heard that right! Now can a buy a scooter for daily household works at just Rs 19,900.


Proving an epitome of bang for the buck offering manufacturer, Hero has launched an electric scooter, the Flash, at a shocking price tag of Rs 19,900. Reportedly, it has all the essential goodies and features that would be expected from a daily commuter moped, the quality might have been dwindled, though. Courtesy for this could be Hero’s attempt to curtail the manufacturing cost.

It’s obvious to be curious to know what the company is offering for this considerably low price tag. Answering this, I must tell you that on charging the battery at its fullest, the rider can go all the way up to 65 km. After plying over it in the day time, you will require the whole night to fully charge the battery as it takes 6-8 hours. The scooter runs on a 240W motor which pulls the Flash to 25 kmph speed highest.. The type of battery used won’t force you to shell out much on the electricity bills.

The extra expenses that are needed to be done while buying a two-wheeler could be skipped as insurance is not mandatory for riding the Flash. On the feature front, the Flash is decently equipped with under seat storage, 16-inch alloy wheels, analogue instrument cluster and telescopic suspension. Silver and Burgandy are the two colour options available for the Flash and Rear mounted box and crash guards are optional.

It won’t take too long to realise whether the new Hero Flash enthrals the masses or it brings along disappointment for the company.




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