Testing is in works in Spain and the new version seems to be more versatile than the current trim.


After introducing the new version of Street Triple, Triumph seems to be working on adding a new model to its adventure-tourer. This can be undoubtedly said, as a test mule of the Triumph Tiger has been spotted on the roads of Spain. Without the body covering pannels, it gives indications that it is far away from being ready to be available for consumers.

As for the updates being executed on the Tiger, this version seems to be more inclined towards being a road-spec version. This is apparent because of the front suspension travel being reduced. This reduction in the length of the front fork could have made the wheels hit the radiator at intensive bumps and to avoid this the designers have split the radiator into two parts.

Other changes which illustrate of it being a multipurpose bike rather than a pure adventure is the reduction in saddle height which had made riding position more comfortable and cruising focused. A close up on the engine has also signalled that Triumph, same as that on the Street Triple, is having all intention to tweak the motor. Maybe, the capacity will see a hike of a few cc.

With the increase in capacity, perhaps the power delivery could also be incremented by a few horses. Expecting it somewhere around 110 HP won’t be wrong. If all these engine changes get executed till the time of its launch, it will fall in the competition of the new Ducati Multistrada 950. Work has also been done on the rear with longer swingarm and subframe.

The headlamps are same as that on the ongoing version but the much-required update of an LED  unit has been incorporated. Cosmetically, there aren’t any major changes to be highlighted.

The Triumph Tiger has been one of the most successful ADV  since it was launched and the updates were not actually mandatory. But if it is for good, everything is welcome.




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