Looking at the weather and having an urge of the long adrenaline rush, every motorcyclist starts hunting for a destination that would lower down their thirst of feeling the blow of the wind on their two-wheels. To take care of you all, Liam Marsden, a reporter from MCN, has suggested 6 such destinations that you shouldn’t miss riding on this year.

B500 Germany-

From Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt, this 40 miles road will treat you with ample of sharp twists and turns, and some straight patches to test the highest end of your throttle. You will plunge into the black forest of the area and riding into greenery could prove to be an energetic yet peaceful ride.


Transfargarasan, Romania-

If you get enthralled by intimidating hairpin bends, then Transfaragasan, a 56 miles tarmac, is calling you this year. Built between the Boscov and Sibiu village of Romania, this road hides in a historic significance. At the time of Soviet invasion, when this road was being constructed, unfortunate death of 40 soldiers took place. Also, it was once included in the Top Gear magazine, since then it is found in most of the international riders list.



Khardun La Pass, India-

Being known as the highest motorable road in the world, Khardung La Pass is a land for macho riders who have got no hesitation to explore the treacherous adventure off-roading, even at the cost of insecurity to their lives. The gravel-full road travels along the bottom of the Himalayan mountains where ample of boulders, fell during landslides, could be witnessed while riding.


Icefields Parkway, Canada-

Along with the ride, the Icefields Parkway incorporates one the most beautiful scenic views of Canada. Residing amidst two huge National parks of Canada, this long stretch will serve you with towering trees, enormous mountains, unending forest and some of the wild animals.



Morocco is the place for those hunting for a complete adventure package. Moving along the Atlantic ocean, this destination boasts of miles of desert and Atlas mountain range. It isn’t mandatory to carry your ride there as many of the dealers offer motorcycle for renting.



Needless to say, Scotland has been one of the top honeymoon destinations of a majority money makers. But, riders have discovered a heaven for them here plying through Lomond to Glencoe. Nature’s incredible beauty could be experienced at this place which is the best place to visited during spring season.





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