Bosch’ Motorcycle-to-Vehicle technology could prove a huge boon in curtailing accidents in the near future.


Despite the technology evolving at such a great pace, we aren’t still at the point where we could avoid accidents with a help of a device or machine. Meanwhile, Bosch has introduced a video which demonstrates a technology which could make wonders by avoiding accidents. To be specific, the accidents which happen due to the crashing of two vehicles.

Highlighting on the mechanism, Bosch has stated that by this technology vehicles will be able to communicate with each other by transferring frequency radiations. The majority of the accidents take place at turns and road intersections in a momentum where the vehicle operator can’t judge the situation and fails to take the required action. By this technology, vehicles will transmit such radiations which will keep indicating the by passing vehicles of the speed, acceleration and direction of the vehicle.

Detection of the offing danger will be notified to the driver or rider about the upcoming uncertainty towards them and that they could take the required step to avoid a loss. If things really execute the way company has been claiming, we will be able to have a concrete hold over the increasing number of accidents.

Bosch seems to be largely inclined towards innovations regarding safety as it is developing advanced features related to ABS, blind spot alert, hill hold control safety and cornering control all dedicated to a motorcycle for great riding.


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