An Indian Supermoto bike owner shares his experience of owning such an elusive machine in India.


Among all the categories of motorcycles, off-roaders should have a different corner in your heart if you are a true motorcycle enthusiast. It makes noise, a true high pitch noise and fascinates every viewer with its gigantic energy and growl. Differentiating from the Motocross bikes, Supermotos boast versatility with the abilities to prowl over tarmac as well as dirt, mud, sand and all terrains.

Coming across with such a motorcycle on Indian roads is an unusual sight. And when you see someone with it, you are forced to approach the rider and ask a few queries to relax your excitement. The same did an xBhpian by interviewing an Indian Supermoto owner and had a few highlights about how it is to ride such a motorcycle in India.

When asked about how he had acquired an interest in such a motorcycle, he said that he wanted a dirt bike but a pure off-roader would have demanded a limited use of riding only on specified terrains. At the end, he chose this supermoto with city riding capabilities as well as wheels for motocross use.

He had ridden a few dirt bikes among some customised and pure motocross. According to him, riding such a motorcycle in traffic is a fun task as it makes for a chilled ride without worrying about the spear parts being damaged due to horrible road conditions. The owner uses the bike for almost every purpose, may it be the city wander or weekend fun rides, this bike is ready for everything.

The SM610 owner shared that he have had been riding this motorcycle over the past three years and buying it isn’t an easy job. He had imported it from outside India and also maintaining it is quite a task as the parts are needed to be ordered from abroad.

Despite these bikes meant to be not-very-comfortable ones, the rider has had travelled around 500 kms in one go and didn’t felt cramped. He compares the Husqvarna SM610 with the KTM Duke 390 and says it is same as the naked KTM in a tweaked avatar to suit its off-roading purpose. Looking at the Indian traffic, his craving of the insane riding is needed to be controlled very often but when he does it, he keeps the decency away from him.

To suit its traditional crude DNA, the rider has it without the advancements such as ABS. Concluding the convo, the rider says that such bikes could bridge the gap between those litre-class motorcycles and our daily commuters in India.


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