The new Skunkwerx Spitfire is a flat-tracker with a unique frame and new engine.


CCM has unveiled its new motorcycle, the Spitfire, under the banner of Skunkwerx which is a new chain started by CCM. The company has introduced the bike at Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle show with an unusual design consisting of a first of its kind frame and fresh engine. The new flat-tracker arrived after the company made a profit hike of around 150% last year.

The stunning crude frame of the Spitfire has been moulded and fitted by Ted Unwin who is an expert in this task and it has been built by T45 steel, the same which was used on Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane. The result of various experts working on it is the extremely light weight of the motorcycle as it is just 121 kg heavy.

As per the mill, it is a 600cc single-cylinder unit which churns out 55 BHP of power and 58 Nm of torque. The figures match to that of the SM RS650R’ engine which is still a limited edition model since a long time. Braking has been handled by Brembo callipers on the front as well as the rear.

The flat-tracker look has been justified by the super chunky wheels, single floating-like seat, straight wide handlebars, husky frame and twin exhaust. All together makes for an eye-popping and unique mule. Notably, the designer and technicians have been working on this incredible machine since over a long time without giving a hint publically. Also, the huge profit acquired by the company a few days back resulted in unflustered work on this motorcycle by the team.




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