For some of the individuals, riding a motorcycle might be a necessity involving work related rides or household stuff. Enthusiasts do it for peace of mind, the urge of holding the throttle and launching at a twist in a jiffy. City rides may involve zipping through the traffic, and to brag the exhaust and low-end torque. But for the cruisers who will be mile munching several hundred kilometers, many aspects of motorcycling are to be taken care of.

Heading towards a destination on your motorcycle which is too far isn’t a task as easy as it sounds. An experienced rider’s suggestions are always helpful before swinging your leg over your ride before you start. Technically and physically, you cannot ignore even a single noticed bug involved in your cruising. So what are the things that are actually involved to be inspected for a novice as well as a veteran rider.

Engine Check-


Some of the motorcycles are technologically advance enough that they display a check engine light if there’s a circuitry loosened or any sort of malfunctioning noticed into the engine. And for those which don’t consist of such electronic functions, the rider has to take the vital efforts by checking the engine oil, spark plug, any juddering sound from the motor or any leaks from the engine covering.  Not even a single defect could be ignored before you launch towards your destination.

Check Mechanical parts-


The brakes and suspensions form a backbone of your motorcycle for soaking the bumpy and rough roads and protecting you from a misfortune.Do not forget to analyse them if there aren’t any oil or liquid leaking and the fittings are at their places. Remember the last time you have changed the brake pads and oil, and if you had noticed any unusual sound or lack of bite, get a check up and get it repaired.

Check Tyre pressure-


This might sound unnecessary, you would have never imagined how much a deflated tyre could affect your bikes performance and, the mileage as well. Wandering on a tarmac demands for ample of pressure for the required grip and stability. Get a check up of tyre pressure immediately after setting off for the ride.



No problem if you have planned to ride only in daylight. But, if you are planning to stay awake all night or in the foggy weather holding that throttle then bright illumination is mandatory for your safety for not hitting a tree or a bypassing vehicle. Replace the bulb or the headlamp unit if required, mounting extra projector lamps would be a cherry on the cake.

Physical uneasiness-


Having a bad stomach, hurting back or shoulder, cramped legs are the clear signs that you aren’t fully ready for the ride. Never hurry in these situations which may lead to serious health issues after completing a few kilometres. Get medicated and rest for a while before starting your two-wheel journey.


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