It will be available in two variants, a basic model with 97 BHP and an R model with 115 BHP.


After it was unveiled in its prototype version at EICMA last year, many of us have been waiting to get a glimpse of its production ready model. After the wait of a while, the KTM Duke 790 has been finally spied testing, giving us a hint how it will look at the time it will be available for us. As KTM has titled it, the Scalpel, it surely goes with its name as the design is razor sharp undoubtedly.

Closely resembling its prototype, many of the physical bits come as admirable, and a few could be dislikable. The exhaust canister, which has been mounted below seat seeking compliance to emission norms, looks quite abrupt. Also, the brakes callipers aren’t as upmarket as you would think from such a motorcycle and it comes fitted with J. Juan.

Needless to say, it will give immense riding pleasure as nimble handling is a niche of the Austrian bikemaker. And, the manoeuvring capabilities were boldly apparent from its promotional videos in which the rider effortlessly pops wheelies, stoppies and the low lean turning is a task of a novice on it.

As per the features, it will definitely get the TFT instrument cluster, LED headlamps and tail lamps and a host of many others. Justifying the modern KTM design, every bit has been deeply chiselled to carve it as sharp as possible with minimalistic skin portion.

A company official has confirmed that it will be dropped down into the market by the end of this year and we would be able to own and ride it in the first half of next year. Two models have been reported consisting one with the standard specifications and an R model which could be a sportier tool.

What much would it cost?

Umm.. Let’s just say, it won’t be cheap and will be one of the most expensive scalpels available out in the market




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