London Motorcycle show every year brings along a handful of machines that are worth getting astounded looking at. Even this year, hold your breath, as a trail of plush sports bikes will fill the area of the event and some of them I have listed here which are worth anticipating.

Suzuki GSXR-1000R-

The new avatar of the Suzuki’s litre-class superbike could make its way to the top of the list of amazing motorcycles with its unprecedented variable-valve timing feature and advanced electronic aids. Not just the new design, the power delivery is also mind blowing carrying the VVT tech.

Ducati 1299 Superleggera-

Being one of the most expensive bikes, the Superleggera comes with the MotoGP racing DNA apart from the extensive use of carbon-fibre for a majority of its parts, making it unbelievably lightweight, weighing only 156 kgs dry. The 215 BHP of motor could be intimidating for even the veterans.

Ducati SuperSport S-

It’s not every month or year that a premium brand like Ducati launches a new offering. And when it does, results are apparent in the image. Though the close resemblance to Panigale’s cannot be ignored, it lies in a different category being an everyday commuter sports bike. It comes with two variants as an S and a standard with the engine being the same as the Hypermotard but in a different state of tune.

Norton V4 RR-

The gleaming body it shrouds is not the only thing to get impressed as the engine is the company’s exclusive 72-degree V4 and every part of it is finished in the finest way. Notably, claimed as the most powerful road-going bike from the company ever built.

Honda CBR Fireblade-

It’s not only altered at the livery, the power and torque delivery has also managed to continue making it one of the legendary motorcycles. Expectations with the electronics section have been accomplished and the 189 BHP motor is a hooligan in its segment.


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