The second day of testing on Phillip island encountered two riders colliding, ending up in a fortunate save with nobody getting hurt. On the Australian track, Scott Redding came out a corner in a bid to overtake Alvaro Bautista and plunged into his bike at the rear. Both the riders wobbled ending up in a fortunate save.

Redding was thankful and happily said that no misfortune took place and they both were lucky enough to remain uninjured. Many of the bugs have been solved from Redding’s machine which has made him glad and he is thankful for the team. As he said, he has got his confidence back and the performance has been improved.

Finishing fifth, even Bautista seemed happy from his own performance which he said has improved as compared to the previous day. The reason were smooth track conditions, though, he further went on to add. However, he thinks it wasn’t his 100 % potential being delivered. He reported that their team had tried a few new things including assembling new tyres, which has actually made a difference.

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