Fuel tank brackets and main switch sub assembly are the parts which are needed to replaced.

Yamaha has recalled 1155 units of the R3 in India owing to the faulty parts being witnessed by the boffins. Notably, it is the second time that the company has made a recall for its entry-level sports bike. The parts which have been witnessed as defective are fuel tank bracket and main switch sub-assembly. Even before, two parts were reported as not working the way they should and the company brought back many of the units to their workshops.

The company is replacing the older parts without any charges and has started asking the customers to lend back their bikes for the repairment. The company’s commitment to safety and satisfactory products could be pointed out through this move as the parent company of Japan has examined the fault in their product and has immediately started to contact the customers directly for informing about this finding and asking to leave their motorcycles at nearest dealership.

The bike runs on a 321cc, liquid-cooled, inline twin cylinder mill which gives out 42 PS of power and 29.6 Nm of torque with efficient handling and refinement. Rivals are the KTM RC 390 and Ninja 300 among which the Austrian track tool has been sold in highest number. The Yamaha R3 isn’t doing badly in the Indian market either.



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