The stunning new livery this year is more prominent and outstanding.

The dark blue and extremely appealing panther which you see in the photo is what BMW’s racer Ian Hutchinson will be riding this tear at Isle of man TT and other major races worldwide. AT the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show, the company has introduced this stunning track tool of their’s for this year’s competitions.

Continuing the traditional design and blue-white colour combo, the shade has been darkened this time around. There is a slight distinction from the one BMW’s rider rode in 2016 races. Notably, you will see this motorcycles flying at the MCE British Superbike Championship as well. Christian Iddon and Davide Giugliano will be astride on this monster riding along the tracks.

The team official Phillip Neill said that he admires their own work of the designs and livery they strap onto their bikes which carry their traditional design as well as flaunts the sponsors on it. He adds that the colour distinction this year is notable and the fans will instantly identify it and the riders will have the pleasure of being an outstanding looking riders.



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