After a break of 30 years, SWM Motors will be coming back to the market, fortunately in India too.

Since long ago, Kinetic has been manufacturing engines and various motorcycle parts for its collaborated bike retail chain the  Motoroyale. Under this chain, the company caters the MV Augusta by assembling and selling their bikes in India. Reports have been received that the company is all set to shake hands with yet another firm known as the SWM Motors.

SWM Motors is basically an Italian motorcycle brand which spawns classic style motorcycles including cafe racers. Similar to MV Augusta, SWM Motors will receive the service by Kinetic for selling their offerings under the Motoroyale banner.

If we have a look at the history of the SWM motorcycles, it was founded in 1971 and stopped catering the market in 1980. After being lost from the market for over 30 years, SWM Motors did a comeback in 2014 at the EICMA motor show where it introduced a set of six bikes including both off and on-road motorcycles.

Two of the offerings from these models will probably be introduced in India which are Gran Milano and Silver Vase. Notably, the former is a cafe racer carrying a 445.3cc engine capable of producing 30 PS of power.



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