The company claims it is more advanced than the ones offered by Harley-Davidson.

While sitting in your car cabin, apart from holding the steering, the infotainment system is the companion where your hand reaches every now and then. There is no wonder that the electronic goodies in 4-wheelers have become advanced at its peak. But, wait and think, what if you get such plush and high-tech system on a motorcycle? Indian motorcycles do have it now and the boffins claim that it is much more easy-to-go as compared to the ones already offered by the Harley-Davidson huskies.

Called as Ride Command, this system isn’t first of its kind as many of the cars and hooligan bikes come with it but Indian has made it as advanced as possible. It is a dual screen display and flaunts a variety of info to greet the rider while on the saddle. With all the information about the bike, it embeds a 100-watt audio system, Bluetooth-based smartphone and headphone connectivity and various other fascinating functionalities accessible at your fingertips.

It is generously user-friendly with a smooth interface which won’t make you become a nerd to understand all the work. Additionally, the backlight of the display is bright enough to keep up the visibility at any sort of bright environment around you.

For all those rich mates, you have a reason added to go for a premium Indian motorcycle.



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