Honda looks to have decided to take a step further by introducing a V-4 superbike inspired by its MotoGP core. However, this talk isn’t something new to be done as we already had got a hint of it quite a while ago. But now, what makes us sure that the company is proceeding at a faster pace with this plan is the new patents that Honda has carried out for the design of its future race-spec motorcycle.

This special edition machine from Honda will probably be introduced in 2019, as the reports suggest. Maybe, the 70th anniversary of the company will be celebrated with the covers getting wrapped off of this iconic offering.

The engine specs of this motorcycle will be closely similar to the Honda’s MotoGP tool incorporating a hooligan V-4 unit. Similar to the Ducati’s Superleggera, the chassis will be cast-aluminium semi-monocoque, which we came to know last year. Information revealed from the patent images show that it will consist of single seat unit having three air intakes behind it, into the rear cowl. Resultantly, the drag coefficient being reduced. Also, a belly-mounted pipe will come into the picture instead of the under-seat ones cling into the handmade RC213VS.

Other details go similar to the RC213V’s including central air intake, but with the LED headlamps. Side blinkers are housed on the mirror stalks.

The pricing will surely be at a higher end but surveying the market consisting such special edition bikes, we expect Honda to price competitively to perform remarkably.



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