It carries a v-twin supercharged engine with 210 BHP of power and 217 Nm torque, What say?


A British brand went on par and has built a motorcycle which would make you uneasy thinking about it. Specifically, the engine is a true engineering marvel being a 2100cc unit supercharged v-twin thing. The brand, Hesketh, has made a comeback and introduced this whooping machine at the Carol Nash MCN London Show and has been christened as the Valiant, which was a name actually carried by a bomber at war times.

The Valiant stands as a pure epitome of British icon with a majority of parts being manufactured and assembled in the UK itself. Also, the design completely flaunts the traditional British cues with the classic appeal.

The Rotrex and TTS Performance, in collaboration, are the makers of the supercharger being housed in the mill of the Valiant and the company says they have been experimenting while designing this epic supercharger v-twin.

For suspension, K-tech has catered the motorcycle and the braking unit clings billet 12-piston calliper on the front and Beringer four-potter stops the rear wheel. For information conveying, the Valiant holds a Smith’s speedometer and frame and swing-arm have been delivered by Nottingham’s GIA engineering.

The giant H logo visible on the crankcase is for the first time featured on a Hesketh motorcycle. Buying it could be a tedious affair for a majority of people as it will come with a sticker price of £50,000 and if you have got that much, you need wait till summer 2018.


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