Among various new fitments, the TFT display is a feature-packed addition and you would want to know about it.


KTM Duke 390, with its unmatched performance characteristics, was already residing on the top of the list in its range of motorcycles. Although the upgrade wasn’t truly needed to be the king of the entry-level sports line-up, KTM decided to raise up the excitement to its brim and dropped down this updated monster.
Along with other admirable tweaks, the high-tech TFT display plays the role of being the party piece on the 2017 Duke 390 and holds in a few exceptional features on offer.

Modes for ABS-
Including the conventional ABS ON and OFF feature, it now comes with a Super Moto setting which looses out the rear wheel from ABS, making you free for skids and burnouts. Now that’s unusual!

Phone Call Notification-
While being on the saddle and riding, now you won’t need to take halts for checking your missed calls as the new cluster, after syncing with the phone, will show you the details of incoming calls which will let you reject if it’s not important enough to stop and answer it.

Music controller-
The My Ride app from KTM packs in a function for connecting your phone to the TFT display via Bluetooth. So now, you can change your music tracks on the go with the help of this functionality. It is still questionable whether the touch of the cluster will operate through your riding gloves.

Variable text font size-
Now, this may sound unreal but the font size of the figures and text on the display are changeable. This feature, on high speeds, when you cannot stick your eyes on the display for long, will make it effortless to read the information.



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