It will go 200-225 km after a full charge and will possess the capabilities of petrol driven performance bikes.

After various robust and humongous cruisers, we might see Indian electric motorcycles after some 5 years of span. Polaris industries, which is a parent company of Indian motorcycles, is in works and has plans to launch electric motorcycles which might enter in our markets till 2022, as reported.

Earlier, Polaris industries, in collaboration with the Victory motorcycles, had introduced the Empulse electric motorcycle. However, Victory does not exist anymore in the market, neither the Empulse.

As estimated and said by the company official, the electrically driven Indian motorcycle will make a run of around 200 to 225 km after a single charge session and the top speed hasn’t been known yet. The company spokesperson neither gave any hint regarding the pricing.

The president of the company has said that the engine of the motorcycle will be acceptable by the modern riders and will perform on the similar lines of performance motorcycle available today, running on petrol. The Harley-Davidson’s Livewire could have been on the minds of the boffins working on this new project and may try to emulate its abilities.



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