With the 24-carat gold plating on the chassis, the G800 Oro boasts of a number of premium cycle parts.


If you are way too rich than the normal wandering biking enthusiasts and want a motorcycle to be a premium at its brim, then what would you look for? Probably a motorcycle having gold plating on a few of its parts making you stand apart from the crowd and flaunt your wealth. Well, in that case, the Segoni G800 Oro has to be one of the perfect companions for you incorporating 24-carat gold-plated chassis.

For those who don’t know about the company, Segoni was once a successful bikemaker but took a long hiatus of 40 years and, now, has returned to the market with this 800cc exclusive tool.

Powered by the same engine as on the Kawasaki Z800, the G800 Oro was unveiled at the Intermot in October 2016 and it managed to be a crowd puller over there. Standing with the pure crude design pattern, it comes with a single seat, clip-on handlebars, long fuel tank and round headlamps, epitomising itself as a perfect cafe-racer styled bike. The minimalistic body section with golden stripped borders and twin back-swept exhaust units completes the design.

The plushness has been retained on the cycle parts as well while it carries Ohlins suspension, OZ racing wheels, Brembo brakes, Arrow exhaust and the flesh comes made up of carbon-fibre. The 800cc mill generates a whooping 113 BHP of power and the motorcycle weighs around 170 kg.

So far, it has been only made available for the UK market with only 20 units being built yet. When received an order, the company will make it for the customer and the delivery will take some 3 months to be executed. The Segoni G800 Oro is available in tow variants including a standard model which costs £60,000 while the top-spec version demands £69,600.



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