Among various ways of transportation, the most adopted these days are four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Cars and bikes are the only man-made inventions which we get to see in huge number the moment we step out on the roads and, a majority of us use them as well. While using these sources of commute, have you ever stopped and gave it a thought that which, among the cars and bikes, make for the best companion?

Indeed, if we make time and sit to have a discussion over it, eventually it might get contradictory. Both of the transport systems have their own USP’s and drawbacks which differentiate both of them with each other. While a car can protect you from a downpour, the bike will delight you with the blow of the wind at high speeds. Notably, according to us, highly enthusiastic riders, motorcycles are the best partners for the road and we have got reasons for it.

Manoeuvring in traffic-

Gone are those days when only big metro cities were suffering from traffic, as today even the small towns are filled with these moving machines resulting in the jam. While the car owners, after getting stuck, keep criticising the surrounded travellers, the bike riders keep carving their way amidst the 4-wheelers and by the edge of the road. Minutes are saved by the bikers which count a lot these days.

Low maintenance engine-

Repairing a spark plug or a clutch cable of a motorcycle is way too cheap as compared to doing so for a car. To make sense out of it, the bigger the machine the more it demands after being damaged. The periodic services of a motorcycle are also comparatively frugal than to those of the cars. God might save your soul if you have an expensive 4-wheeler which gobbles a huge amount of your earnings even in a single service.


Superbikes are exceptional, many of the motorcycles let you go easy on your pocket at the fuel pump and infrequent visits at the gas stations are less annoying. A rich bugger might wander the whole city into his supercar but when that fuel gauge goes towards the E sign, he should remember the last time he had visited the pump and he may realise it wasn’t too long ago.

Self-repairing freedom-

Troubleshooting the bugs in the powerplant of motorcycle won’t be a big issue if you have owned it for too long. Also, those who are willing to take an effort of trying to repair it by themselves, there is a high grade of chances that they will succeed. Meanwhile, unless your have got the true expertise with the cars, you will get frightened after opening the hood of your car in case of malfunctions as the big motors and pipes are truly intimidating.

Privacy with your partner-

Remember the last time you had planned to go somewhere with your better half and you were forced to carry some unwelcomed guests just because the rear seat would have left vacant. It was intrusive, wasn’t it? Cheer up! It won’t happen in the case of motorcycles as there is no point in making a forceful space for a third person when you are on the way somewhere with your wife or girlfriend.

Police escape-

Although I shouldn’t think of considering this point but it makes sense in a way. Sometimes you are needed to run from the police when they are chasing you despite you being innocent. Imagine you are at full throttle of your car, police behind you with those yelling siren and what your see further is a long trail of cars came to a halt due to some reason. That moment might be one of those when you will regret not having a motorcycle.


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