With the added capacity, the weight has been made 21 kgs lesser. More power in your wrist now!

The Kawasaki Z800 has already been one of the favourite naked street fighters of a majority of us. The sharp design, refined engine and road dominating nature, who wouldn’t have liked it. But now, we are served with more horses, sharper cosmetics and lighter handling in the name of Z900. Notably, in Indonesia, the Z800 has already been replaced by its successor and it is available for IDR 225 million.

What’s new on those wheels, you ask? Kawasaki has taken the motor a notch higher and now it incorporates 948-cc inline-four cylinder motor which is capable of putting out 126 PS (which is 13 Ps more than the Z800) of impressive power and 98 Nm of torque. The added power will go more brutally with the lightweight trellis frame chassis which has helped shed 21 kgs of weight. Now you can go more nibble on it. For adding better ride quality, it boasts of the slipper clutch with 6-speed manual transmission system.

For the efficient braking, the front comes with 300mm dual front disc added with Nissin four-piston calliper and, the rear wheel stops with the help of 250mm single rotor mono-piston calliper. The front suspension is a 44 mm unit and adjustable damping mono shock for the rear. A pair of 14-litres panniers and a 13-litre top box can be had as optional extras.

When the Kawasaki Z900 will spread to a wider land masses, it will be interesting to see whether it gains the same popularity as its predecessor.




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