Peugeot’s Speedlight has completed 20 years of the successful journey into the market and, the company celebrates this achievement by launching a special edition of it. The current iteration of the Speedfight is in its fourth generation as the company has been treating it with needed upgrades as and when needed.

The Italian design has been boasted over this scooter with the quirky looks flaunting fair collection of curves and creases to make it attractive. The special alterations in this special edition are shining aluminium footboard, double-stiched seat and the Snakebike sports exhaust. For the 16-year-olds, who have just received their AM license can ride the Speedfight and it has been built specially by keeping in mind this age group of youngsters.

The running force comes from a 50cc air-cooled, two-stroke engine which produces 4.8 BHP of light power and is tremendously nimble weighing only 97 kg. The 20th-anniversary edition of the Speedfight doesn’t demand a huge premium over the base model and it costs £2199.


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