The Honda Ron Haslam Race school has been mentoring the enthusiasts the perfect ways to drag the bikes on track and have now completed 21 years since it was found. As per the reports, the school has taught over 80,000 riders and this year, after getting booked for the Elite course, you can avail the chance to learn the art of track racing astride the all-new and menacing CBR 1000 Fireblade SP.

For this course, you get an instructor solely dedicated for tutoring you. The instructor will guide you on the tarmac as well as off the track and will make sure you get all the instructions regarding riding, as and when required. The fees which will be collected for this course will include all the mandatory equipment provided beside a motorcycle, such as riding gear and helmet.

With the help of the instruments and data collecting, the guide will look after the monitoring process of you for judging the level of improvement and the areas where you need to work on. All the qualities which a rider must possess are effortfully invoked on the learner and by the end of the session, the results are narrated briefly.

Dunlop has provided the sponsorship to the Honda Ron Haslam Race school this year and a school official said that they are fortunate to receive this support from the tyre company.


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