Harley-Davidson has introduced the Street Rod 750, which, after the Street 750, is yet another special product for budget buyers. Carrying the engine similar to its sibling, the Street Rod 750 draws major inspirations from the company’s XR series heritage dirt-trackers. India launch duration is still unknown but as per the company website, it will be launched soon. Notably, the Street Rod 750 will be manufactured at Bawal plant in Haryana which might prove to buy this motorcycle will be a lucrative deal.

The design flows majorly resembling the same capacity sibling, except for some of the ergonomics and body part changes. The front visor is elongated and the rear section appears t0 be bulky and short in length, the bar end mirrors are the new addition, the seat now being altered to suit its purpose.  For satisfying the dirt-tracker characteristics, the ground clearance has been uplifted at the level of 205 mm and the saddle height rose to 765 mm. Also, the wheelbase has been shortened as compared to the sibling.

The mill of the HD Street Rod is a 750cc motor which is liquid-cooled, “Revolution X” V-twin. By varying some of the specifications, the power output has been boosted up and the torque figure now stands at 62 Nm at 4000 RPM. A few other changes have been performed on the cycle parts such as the tyre width has been increased and the suspension set up consists of distinct features.

Source – Zigwheels.com



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