Saying him rare would be an understatement, as John Surtees was one of his kind. Who could be such a racer from the depth of his soul to win MotoGP titles as well as be a Formula 1 champion? And, having such a man inside the grave is a loss extremely overwhelming for the whole racing community.

John Surtees was suffering from respiration malfunctions and was admitted at St. Georges hospital. While fighting his best between life and death, the legend passed away this afternoon. He lived for healthy 83 years and was shifted to ICU for last some of his time in the hospital.

Having raced in both 350cc and 500cc classes, John Surtees was a motorcycle world champion for seven times. The first win was registered in 1955, after which he won various titles till 1960 when he quitted motorcycle racing and got his hands on the Formula 1 racing. Here as well, in 1964, John Surtees bagged the champions title for Ferrari.

The legend wasn’t behind anywhere in giving efforts for the social cause as well, as his Henry Surtees foundation is into medicating accidentally injured people and motivating them to get back to normal. The organisation was founded by him after the unfortunate death of his son who passed away while racing in 2009.

A salute to such a legendary and devoted racer and the one who was a great human being as well.




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