Ducati has been seen to incorporate a new fairing which came as a result of new regulations related to winglets. Used by Andrea Dovisiozo only, this new fairing was quite bizarre and indeed wasn’t really acceptable to the eyes. Probably, it was put down on the track in testing rounds for just experimenting and monitoring its performance for the upcoming races.

Replacing the beefed out winglets, these are a type of hollow space enclosed by the fairing material and appears to be more pulled out of the body line. The unpleasing fairing design would have been welcomed by the rider and team if it performed well but, at the end of the race, Andrea bagged the thirteenth position on the grid. Inversely, the rider stood first on the first day of testing when the bike was missing out on the weird winglet frame.

Jorge Lorenzo, the new rider for Ducati, didn’t use this new fairing for any of the rounds and performed great on the track. Except for Ducati, all the other brands have implemented the winglet alteration in a much low-noise manner and weren’t really noticeable. Now, we have to see whether Ducati goes with the aforementioned fairing in Qatar or comes up with something better to emerge in lead.


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