Indian Motorcycles have launched the limited-edition Jack Daniel’s Chieftain tomorrow and with all the premium bells and whistles, it is one of the elusive motorcycles available out in the market. The production of this bike has been limited to only 100 units and a country will receive only one of it.

Starting from head to tail, every bit of this motorcycle has been handcrafted and justify its price and exclusiveness. Various parts such as tank and footboard carry Jack Daniels badge and the brands Old No. 7 logo. Behind the unique design and cycle parts are the Klock Werks Kustom Cycle of Mitchell who worked for making it an outstanding offering. And, that could be identified by the black and white chrome paint job with hints of charcoal black at various areas of the flesh.

Provided as an extra treat are various minor elements such as tank pouch, aluminium tank console and billet rider consisting of Jack Daniels identity interspersed on it. For your entertainment on tours, it comes with a 20-watt audio system along with saddlebag speakers and carries the company’s exclusive Ride Command infotainment system for improved convenience for performing various tech-related activities.

The limited-edition Jack Daniels Chieftain will be ready for deliveries by August this year and the behemoth will demand £33,799 which would be worth it for its plush body parts and to make your garage collection more flaunting.


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