KTM is known for making light and sharp riding machines which are widely loved by riders all over the world. Apart from commercial road going motorcycles, it produces some agile and robust off-road motorcycles which have been performing well in various races since years. This time around, KTM has come up with something interesting for its two-stroke motorcycles and now they will run them on fuel injected technology.

The fuel injection system was incorporated only in four-stroke motors till now, but the Austrian boffins will now have it implemented in their two-stroke MX/Enduro offerings. To be specific about the implementation, KTM 250 EXC TPI and KTM 300 EXC TPI will receive the fitment of this technology and they will be dropped down in markets in May this year.

As we have known, two-stroke engine requires oil to be mixed with the main fuel but this won’t be the case with this engine. Moreover, the fuel efficiency will be more from what we expect from this engine, the refinement and power delivery will be positive as well.

All in all, KTM’s new invention could bring a revolution in the dirt racing industry which, we will come to know after seeing this technology being used practically.


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