Harley-Davidson has acquired tremendous success with its entry-level motorcycle, the Street 750, specifically in India. Carrying the brand’s traditional cruiser bike look, it comes at a much low cost as compared to other fortune-demanding offerings from the company. Owing to these reasons, the company has planned to spread the confinement of budget offering and has launched a new Street, the Street Rod 750.

Let’s have a glimpse on what factors make this bike an option to look forward at and the elements which make it stand apart from the older Street 750.



Just give it a gaze and you will realise that it isn’t exactly the same old Street 750 but is a tweaked model with modernised body parts. Starting from the front, the visor has been extended to look larger which makes the headlamp look tiny and sweet.  The suspension setup has been altered from its sibling and you sit in a more comfortable yet sporty position. Handlebars are extended outside and the bar end mirrors look amazing, resembling those in big bobbers. The tail section has got shrink which ultimately adds quirkiness to the looks.



What adds to the handling and riding posture being improved is the chassis which have been contorted in a way to make it more rideable. The Street Rod is nimble for flicking and handling since the rake angle of the chassis has been lowered. Also, the position of the footpegs have been changed and they are now pulled back to avoid scratching on the road while leaning through sharp twists. However, the type of chassis used on it is same as its sibling as both of them are clung onto the double-cradle frame.

Body Parts-


As we are aware, the new Street Rod 750, unlike its sibling, is not just targeted on city riding as it has been designed with more versatility. A few of the additions make it tolerate a tint of off-roading as well. The suspension on the front is a USD unit, opposed to that of the telescopic fitted on the Street 750. Also, the rear suspension has longer travel to bare the bumps with an ease and is a twin-shock unit. Safety is kept into consideration as ABS comes as standard.



The engine is the same, however, the tuning has been altered keeping the capacity unchanged. Despite having the older 750cc liquid-cooled “Revolution X” V-twin engine, the torque now has been upped to 62 Nm, which stands at 59 Nm for the sibling. The whooping torque comes at 4,000 RPM which makes it brisker than before. Various implementations have been performed to improve the blow of wind and make it pass through swiftly.



This is where the Street 750 had grabbed a lot of attentions and the new Street Rod 750 does the same, at a little premium over the sibling, though. And the premium is of around Rs 95,000 and it carries a price tag of Rs 5.86 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). The aforementioned points seem to have made it worth giving the extra bucks. However, we will see how many garages pack it under them once the riders get familiar with it.



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