The Honda Rebel with the touch of Aviator Nation makes it a trendy bike for all-age enthusiasts.


Motorcycle manufacturers, these days, are shaking hands with various product brands to come up with a tweaked model as a special edition motorcycle. Honda, last week, has showcased the special edition Rebel, in SXSW festival in Texas, which has been designed being partners with lifestyle brand Aviator Nation in the US.

The motorcycle consists of various minor cosmetic and body part changes to make it look more appealing than the conventional ongoing model. The mudguards, at the front and the rear has been cut down making the chunky wheels peep out. Headlamp comes with steel net cover and tail lamp is a tiny unit. The seats are made up of the high-quality hand-stitched leather which flaunts the Aviator Nation logo and the yellow tank with exclusive four stripes of the lifestyle brand look striking.

Paige Mycoskie of the Aviator Nation have been on the forefront in designing this special edition Rebel and has said that he have intentionally designed it to depict the heritage Honda bikes and he was inspired by the 70’s motorcycle.

The Honda Rebel incorporates the same motor which was used on the CBR500 and has been overhauled for a different power and torque figures to suit its genre. It generates  44 BHP of power at 8,500 RPM and 44.6 Nm of twisiting force at 8,000. For city riding, the Honda Rebel could be a perfect ride as per the company. It can be personalised according to the riders choice as ample of accessories have been made available.


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