The bikes have seen a dose of changes with refreshed looks and other advancements.


After several reports and pictures been flooded over the internet, Kawasaki finally launched its new offerings Ninja 650, Z650 and Z900. All the bikes are somewhere the depicted versions of their older siblings with slight retuning of the engine and majorly overhauled cosmetics. Along with the new bikes, the company, as a surprise, also introduced new colours of the Ninja 300 and Versys 650 which come as complementary with the main arrivals.

Much more preferred over its bigger sibling Z1000, the Z800 has been the first option for various riders owing to its agility and refinement at a lower price. Now, it has been replaced by a bigger displacement engine with advancement on the tech front, to be known as Z900. The design now gets more chiselled from head to tail and top to bottom with pointed front and rear accented by other minute alterations. The powerplant is a 948cc inline-four motor that churns out 125PS of humongous power and 100 Nm of torque.

Talking about the middle-weight naked, the Z650, it has now shed 19 kilos of weight but has seen a drop of 4 PS in power. The 649cc liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine generates 68 PS at 8000 RPM and 65.7Nm of torque at 6500 RPM. The ER-6n is the older version of this naked and with its versatility, it has been adopted by many riders. The new sibling might make for a better option as advancements and new frame serves better.

Sharpness is the pattern followed by all the offerings of Kawasaki and it is being utilised largely day by day as can be witnessed by the 2017 Ninja 650 which has become more menacing. The older bike was a simple and calm looking model which has now grabbed a new avatar, resembling the litre-class ZX-10r. The mill is the same as that on the Z650 churning out the same power and the weight has been curtailed by 15 kgs as compared to the older sports tourer. The new bike has been clinched on a new frame to make it more handle-friendly and efficient.

All in all, the transition has brought a pleasing set of changes making the bikes more approachable. Moreover, the bikes can be given a dose of customisation as the company has made available a set of accessories which consists of the Akrapovic exhaust.



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