Triumph and Honda have made the best out of 1st April by keeping forth their most bizarre piece of innovations which had many viewers grin from ear to ear. The former have invented steering wheel type handle for motorcycles whereas latter have come up with a dating app for couple romancing in the car.

The uncomfortable looking round metal piece with the palm grip and switch gear is actually a handle bar which is available at centres where new-bees appear for their riding tesst. Similar to the clip-on, this steering handlebar can be fitted above the suspension assembly. It does not miss out anything as compared to the traditional handles as the Triumph Rider Intuitive Control Keys come added. This technology senses the rider’s voice command and reacts accordingly.

Moving to Honda, the app H-swipe developed by the Japanese company syncs to the ‘innovative digital windscreen and interactive directional s-wipers’ and responds to the proposals received by the driver by swiping to indicate acceptance or rejection.

The motorcycle manufacturers have their own way of having fun, which might seem weird but are genuinely creative.



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