Unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show, it is a stunning combo of classic looks and modern specs.


Honda, with its fleet of charming motorcycles, has shown yet another piece of eye-grabber with the 150cc engine at the 2017 Bangkok International Motor Show. The 150SS Racer is a perfect blend of retro design and modern characteristics with the cafe racer-like styling and all the other new generation goodies.

The bike was displayed by the brand ‘Honda Hub for Lifester’ at the Motor Show which managed to pull a huge attention of viewers. Reportedly, approximately 1.13 crore is the cost expended on research and development of the bike which might prove its worth only after entering the market as a practical model. If, after its arrival in the market, it comes out to be close to the displayed model, it will enthral a lot of riders.

The stance of the Honda 150SS Races is appealing with the round headlamp which probably incorporates LED, wide handlebar, muscular and sharply chiselled tank and side cowl, all together makes it look enchanting. The body is apparently carbon-fibre but we cannot claim, however, seems opulent. The tail section, short and sharp, completes the look of the bike.

Details related to the motor haven’t  been disclosed by the company but the name suggests about it being a 150cc bike capable of generating something around 18 BHP and 12 Nm of torque. Chances of its launch are still slim but we would love to see it rocketing on the roads.


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