The 2017 MotoGP World championship has been encountering energetic action since day one and the races in Qatar proved to be a great show. Meanwhile, Yamaha has seen diversified performances from two of its riders in the second round, with Maverick Vinales finishing at first position whereas, the legend Valentino Rossi, stood third. Which, according to Rossi, came as a disappointment in terms of improvisation.

Despite bagging top rank in the podium finish, Vinales prefers to be aware of the reality that a huge number of races are yet to be held and he needs to be ready for a tough challenge. He expressed his excitement for being back on his M1 at the Termas de Rio Hondo and says that they need to move step by step and keep up the position.

On the other hand, Rossi tells of being unable to fully adapt the new race bike and the tyres, which resulted in a tough start during the initial race. He adds that he hopes of the track to be rider-friendly this time in Argentina, which was not very acceptable last year.

Whatever may the difference in performance of rider pair of Yamaha, the team boss, Massimo Meregelli, is satisfied by their performance.




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