The Chieftain Limited and Chieftain Elite have a hoard of cool accessories, with the latter to be manufactured in a limited number.


Indian Motorcycle has launched two new models of its ongoing, the Chieftain, in a few countries. Named as the Chieftain Elite and Chieftain Limited, the pair sports a range of new accessories and additions over the conventional model. Moreover, both of them have been reported to be limited editions, while only 350 units of the Elite version will be manufactured to maintain its exclusivity. The Chieftain Limited, however, will continue as a production version.


The quintessential tourers have been fed with a heavy dose of wandering accessories. To start with, the front cowl holds a visor which is electronically adjustable. Additions on the tech front are the company’s exclusive Command infotainment system with a seven-inch screen, 200-watt surround sound audio system, keyless ignition and remote locking saddlebags.


The Chieftain Elite take the plushness to the next level with the fine red candy paint job which is unique for each bike. Surprisingly, executed at the Indian’s custom paint facility in South Dakota, it takes around 25 hours for the team to accomplish the hand paint job. The pathfinder LED headlamps, billet-machined rider and passenger footboard and chrome front highway bar are the lovely miscellaneous additions.


The giant runs on a Thunder Stroke 111 air-cooled 1811cc, V-twin engine that generates 161 Nm of humongous torque.




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