Good Morning Readers and Non-Readers!!

Hope Y’all doing well. This time, it isn’t regarding a launch of a new motorcycle, a facelift or racing. The reason behind me being so informal today is my urge to say hello to everyone of you (whoever is reading). On a daily basis, I post articles covering the maximum of major updates of the bike world. I may not be able to pin down every minute story, but the biggest happenings of two-wheels, I try my best to cover them. And, one thing I shouldn’t forget, that is travelling. Wherever I wander on weekends, it definitely goes on this blog.

This is not a news portal or a formal monetized motorcycle and travel blog. Here, I arrive everyday and jot down my thoughts related to whatever I read on other renowned and well-known Automobile websites. My love for writing and motorcycles have given shape to this everyday writing activity and have made this blog come into existence. I don’t too much care about the companies of those bikes, what I just wish is my reader to get a group of words which they might feel entertaining. Albeit, they would not find it readable now, But, a few days down the line, even that will happen.

Putting everything into perspective, my goals are far altering than what I am doing right now. Although, what I know is, this is the right path on which I must head to get to the destination I belong to. Motorcycles are my passion and travelling is my second love and both turn out to be a practical pair as they are related somewhere. However, due to the circumstances, I am not fully in touch with this pair.

In this very competitive and cruel world, we are forced to work that makes it possible to pay the bills and handle other expenses. But, personally, I believe it is equal to committing suicide to let go of your passion and stop pursuing it. Things that you love can never get apart from you, as at any instant, if those things strike your ears you suddenly have a heartbeat skipped and start regretting not staying in touch with it. This exact thing I don’t want to happen with me. After a few years, when I hear someone talking about motorcycles, I shouldn’t stay silent like a dumb person who doesn’t know anything motorcycles. Rather, I must be able to flaunt every detail on the topic.

Pardon me for a few stupid points I would have said, but that is what I feel and the updates about motorcycles and sharing the travelling experiences will be continued in this space.


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